Grampians National Park is one of Australia's most recognisable destinations, a World Heritage Site for its wildlife, Aboriginal heritage and breathtaking natural beauty. Explore the natural beauty of the Grampians on world-famous hiking trails or on a scenic drive Grampians Tour.

Hike to new heights

The Grampians Peaks Trail is a 160km, 13-day/12-night hiking experience through the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park interior. Starting at Mt Zero in the north and heading south, the trail passes over the summit of Mt Difficult (Gar) and includes hiking highlights such as Redman Bluff, Major Mitchell Plateau, and Mt Abrupt before reaching Dunkeld in the south.

Explore hike-in campgrounds, scenic mountain peaks, rocky ridgelines, diverse flora and fauna, and the ancient Aboriginal culture of Gariwerd along the trail.

The experience

The Grampians Peaks Trail offers a variety of hiking options from north to south. The trail is classified as Grade 4, suitable for experienced bushwalkers, but can be tailored to fit varying fitness levels and experience. Enjoy breathtaking views and some of the best hiking trails in Australia by completing the entire trail, embarking on overnight or multi-day hikes, or exploring smaller sections on day walks.

Prepare and pre-book

Before starting your hike, download and review the Plan & Prepare document, watch the safety video, and book any necessary on-trail and off-trail accommodations. Once you're in the Grampians, visit Brambuk – The National Park and Cultural Centre in Halls Gap for maps and information from park staff.

Choose your journey

The trail offers options for different hiking styles, including fully facilitated hikes with a Licensed Tour Operator, independent and school groups, and self-guided walkers.

Book the Grampians Peaks Trail now

Customers now have the option to customize their GPT hiking experience by planning their itinerary and booking their hike using the interactive map.

Full Grampians Peaks Trail

Embark on a 13-day/12-night hike in Australia for an adventurous experience with stunning hiking trails and panoramic views.

Northern Peaks Experience (Huts)

The Grampians Peaks Trail offers hikers the choice to stay in eco-friendly hiker huts on the Northern Peaks' two-night itinerary, including Gar and Werdug.

Multi-day hikes

Breaking up the 13-day Grampians Peaks Trail into smaller 3-day hikes allows for a more manageable outdoor adventure. It helps you challenge yourself, build long-distance hiking skills, and experience the cultural landscape of Gariwerd. Returning later to complete more sections of the trail is also an option, as is customizing individual overnight and 3-day hike itineraries for your preferred hiking adventure.

Overnight hikes

Three 2-day hikes are available for selection, offering the opportunity to explore the trail more deeply.

Day walks

Day walks offer the opportunity to experience smaller sections of the trail in various regions of the Grampians. Choose from a selection of favourite northern, central, and southern favourites.

School groups and individuals

Schools and other organized groups can hike and camp on the Grampians Peaks Trail in designated group camps or nearby private accommodations. Group sizes for on-trail camping are limited to up to 16 people, depending on site availability.

Travel with a licensed tour operator

When exploring the Grampians Peaks Trail, consider hiring a Licensed Tour Operator for guided experiences or support services to enhance your trip.

Prepare for your adventure

Water safety

It is essential to have enough water along the Grampians Peaks Trail for hydration and cooking. The water tanks along the trail are untreated, so it is necessary to have a safe way to treat water for drinking. Our water information and availability page provides the locations of serviced water tanks, including their latitude and longitude references.

Plan and prepare

Before you start your journey, it is recommended to read the Plan and Prepare Guide and visit Brambuk - The National Park and Cultural Centre in Halls Gap for topographic maps and updated park information from knowledgeable staff.

Grampians Tour

Accessibility information for Grampians Peaks Trail is available

In Victoria, parks have various facilities to accommodate individuals with disabilities and ensure they can enjoy the parks just like everyone else.

Visitors with limited mobility can now explore parts of the Grampians National Park using TrailRider all-terrain wheelchairs, which are available along with volunteers. The chairs have electric motors to assist on steep track sections, and passengers must wear helmets.